There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism, and Translation is looking for original poetry and poetry in translation. An annual publication on all issues poetic, Mantis is housed at the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages at Stanford University. It seeks work from talented poets, translators, and critics. Our scope is both local and international, and we've run features on the poetry of Greek Austerity, the Seattle-based poetry collaborative Re Drum, contemporary Hebrew Poetry as well as Red State Poetry. We regularly review contemporary poetry and poetry translations. All issues include new poetry in English.  

In our upcoming issue, in addition to our regular sections featuring new poetry and poetry translation, there will be two special sections, one on "Poetry & Protest" and another on gestures, which will consist of poetry, translations, essays, reviews, prose-poetry and hybrid writing.  Please refer to the submission categories for more information.

Our recent contributors have included Anne Boyer, Alice Notley, Alicia Ostriker, Bernadette Meyer, Javier Etchevarren (Uruguay), Camila Charry Noreiga (Colombia), Andrea Cote-Botero (Colombia), Ken-ichi Saso (Japan), Sonata Paliulté (Lithuania), as well as new poetry from Macedonia by Afrodita Nikolova, Toni Popov, Svonko Taneski and more!

Past contributors included Ben Doller, Yoko Tawada (Japanese), John Felstiner, G.C. Waldrep, T.R. Hummer, Nonna Slepakova (Russian), Kim Simonsen (Faroese), H. L. Hix, Natalie Shapero, Ghassan Zaqtan (Palenstian), Lyn Hejinian, Fady Joudah, Li Hao (Chinese), and Michael Goldman.

Submissions for 2019 are open! Specific questions can be addressed to either our Poetry Editors, Shoshana Olidort and Armen Davoudian (, or our Translations Editors, Melih Levi and Luis Rodríguez Rincón (

Please do not send material that has been previously published.  Please send only one submission per category per issue. 

The submission portal for Translations and the special section on Gestures will close on October 20, 2018. 

The deadlines for New Poetry and the special feature on Poetry & Protest have been extended to Nov 1, 2018.